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We already know that nice generally refers to things that are positive, pleasant and constructive in definition, and can describe not only objects and environments, but also ideas, actions, concepts and people. Since it’s such a versatile word with a broad range of appropriate applications, each meaning and context of use has its own subtle shade of definition. Since we already have lists of nice adjectives, I tried to make this list relate to nice words in a different way – through meaning. So rather than sounding nice, or having nice meanings (although they tend to have these anyway), this list is filled with words that can be used instead of the word “nice”. I hope you find this list handy and maybe even brighten someone’s day with these nice synonyms:  

So before we get into it, what is a nice synonym anyway? Synonyms refers to words that mean similar things and can be used in place of one another without changing the meaning of the sentence. So for a word to synonymous with nice, it has to match nice’s primary function of referring to or describing something pleasant – which could be an idea, person, place, or thing. If this list has got you interested in other words for nice and you’d like to have a deeper look at what our language has to offer, Thesaurus.Com has plenty of words that rhyme with nice to choose from. Along with being a great addition to your vocabulary, these synonyms for nice can be very useful to use in explanations, stories, and poems. They’re expressive and explanatory and they sound great, making anything you’re working on a more attractive and enjoyable read.

synonyms for nice (likeable, agreeable, warm)

  • cordial (adj.) friendly, relaxed
  • likeable (adj.) easy to get along with, pleasant.
  • gentle (adj.) careful, thoughtful. acting with consideration for others and their feelings.
  • courteous (adj.) respectful and polite.
  • sincere (adj.) genuine, earnest.
  • agreeable (adj.) amenable, easygoing, pleasing.
  • tender (adj.) careful, gentle; acting considerately.
  • warm (adj.) friendly.
  • peachy (adj.) of an ideal or excellent state.
  • mellow (adj.) calm and untroubled.
  • companionable (adj.) easily and knowingly friendly.
  • polite (adj.) courteous, respectful; behaving with good manners.
  • approachable (adj.) non-threatening, welcoming. of an open and hospitable manner.
  • jovial (adj.) cheerful, energetically friendly.
  • benevolent (adj.) of a kind and good nature, meaning no harm.
  • enticing (adj.) appealing, attractive.
  • mild (adj.) gentle,  not extreme or radical.
  • charming (adj.) personable, easily sociable.
  • amiable (adj.) pleasant and agreeable.
  • decorous (adj.) a state of politeness and restraint; can be used in reference to behaviour or to describe an atmosphere or environment.
  • fair (adj.) favourable or advantageous; of good conditions.
  • pleasant (adj.) considerate and friendly.
  • gracious (adj.) giving, generously kind. usually used to refer to those who are considerate and respectful to those with less power or social standing.
  • genial (adj.) cheerfully friendly.
  • obliging (adj.) agreeable, willing to please.
  • lovely (adj.) delightfully enjoyable; extremely pleasing.
  • helpful (adj.) willing to be of service, to try and anticipate and meet another’s needs.
  • inviting (adj.) appealing, the appearance of promising a pleasant or otherwise worthwhile experience
  • kind (adj.) of a gentle, benevolent nature.
  • delightful (adj.) brightly pleasing.
  • considerate (adj.) thoughtful.
  • friendly (adj.) treating others with benevolence.

synonyms for nice (pleasing)

  • enjoyable (adj.) a worthwhile experience.
  • gratifying (adj.) a pleasing satisfaction.
  • swell (adj.) an ideal or great state.
  • presentable (adj.) appealing in design and construction
  • tasteful (adj.) a curation of well-chosen attributes.
  • neat (adj.) tidy, well put together.
  • satisfying (adj.) fulfilling.
  • appealing (adj.) attractively engaging, enticing.
  • seemly (adj.) appropriately attractive.
  • spiffing (adj.) excellent.

synonyms for nice (becoming/appropriate/suitable)

  • appropriate (adj.) befitting of a particular situation or circumstance.
  • proper (adj.) respectful of social standards and norms.
  • suitable (adj.) acceptable for a situation.
  • fitting (adj.) socially upstanding and proper.
  • decent (adj.) good, just.
  • befitting (adj.) appropriate; perfectly chosen and placed.
  • compatible (adj.) a good and well-suited match.
  • apt (adj.) relevant.


I hope you found this list of synonyms of nice a worthwhile read. Making this list was a lot of fun and of course there were plenty of great words that unfortunately couldn’t quite make the cut – so if reading this list of nice synonyms has got you interested in reading more about other synonyms of nice, you can find other great collections at Word Hippo or at Merriam-Webster. Also, since I was the only one curating and editing this list of nice synonyms, I had to depend on my personal sense of judgement and aesthetics. Unfortunately I am not the Be All End All of Every Nice Synonym Ever, so if you disagree with any of my choices in this list of nice synonyms, please get in contact and let me know.

These synonyms for nice were inspired by and collected from my travels through different forms of media throughout my day – articles, books, song lyrics and websites (and sometimes lying around, forcing myself to think of words I like). In particular, websites like, Quora, Tumblr, Pinterest, Positive Words Research, Adjectives Starting and The Phrontistery were all very helpful. If you’ve got any other word sources that you’d like to share, or have suggestions for other nice words, leave a comment or send an email.

While I do collect words, I am always careful to write the meanings myself, so if you find a definition here that looks a little too similar to another that you’ve seen, please let me know asap and I’ll work on updating my wording as quick as I can. Likewise, if you find any mistakes – meanings that require updating, definitions that need better punctuation or words that are incorrectly spelled, get in contact.

Thanks again for visiting our site, and as always, our very best wishes to you on your internet travels – read some wholesome memes and wear sunscreen if you go outside. <3

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