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We already know that nice generally refers to things that are positive, pleasant and constructive in definition, and can describe not only objects and environments, but also ideas, actions, concepts and people. Since it’s such a versatile word with a broad range of appropriate applications, each meaning and context of use has its own subtle shade of definition. Since we already have lists of nice adjectives, synonyms, rhymes and meanings, I thought it would be useful to categorise some lists a different way – by letter. I’ve tried to fill these lists with words that fulfill three criteria – sounds nice, has a nice meaning, and starts with E. I hope you find this list handy and maybe even brighten someone’s day with these nice words starting with E:

So before we get into it, why would you specifically want a nice word starting with E anyway? Specific letter lists like these could be helpful with particular word games where the starting letter is the winning condition, or if you’re wanting to write something that alliterates with someone’s name, or the title of a book or place. Being a vowel, the letter E is more commonly used and may be easier to make words out of in scrabble or other word games. E can sometimes be a silent letter, especially at the end of a word and is actually the most common letter in the English alphabet. Knowing these little facts can be useful in making the most of writing and using these nice words starting with E. If this list has got you interested in other nice words starting with E and you’d like to have a deeper look at what our language has to offer, Dictionary.Com has plenty of categorised words to choose from. Along with being a great addition to your vocabulary, these nice words can be very useful to use in explanations, stories, and poems. They’re expressive and explanatory and they sound great, making anything you’re working on a more attractive and enjoyable read.

  • emerald (n.) a dark, vivid green; a clear green precious crystal.
  • ebony (n.) a very hard and heavy timber; dark brown or black.
  • ebullient (adj.) exuberant; full of a positive and upbeat energy and enthusiasm.
  • echo (n.) reflected sound.
  • effuse (v.) to emit.
  • elate (v.) to bring a great happiness to another person.
  • enamel (n.) a hard, durable, glossy substance used for ornamental purposes or as a protective coating.
  • esteem (n.) admiration, respect or approval.
  • elderflower (n.) a type of flower typically used in making sweet drinks and wines.
  • embolden (v.) to encourage.
  • effervescent (adj.) bubbly, frothy. can be used to refer to both substances and temperament.
  • elucidate (v.) to enlighten or explain.
  • enhance (v.) to improve what already exists.
  • etch (v.) to make marks through scratches or impressions made by rubbing one material against another.
  • entice (v.) to tempt.
  • exuberant (adj.) an enthusiastic energy or cheer.
  • enamoured (v.) to be taken with something or someone.
  • enlighten (v.) to explain or make something clear.
  • enrich (v.) to improve the quality or value of an already existing thing.
  • enthral (v.) to fascinate.
  • evergreen (adj.) a plant that is green all year round regardless of season.
  • eclectic (adj.) mixing styles, ideas and tastes from a wide variety of sources and inspiration.
  • ecology (n.) the part of biology concerned with the relations of organisms to each other.
I hope you found this list of nice words beginning with E a worthwhile read. Making this list was a lot of fun and of course there were plenty of great words that unfortunately couldn’t quite make the cut – so if reading this list of nice words starting with E has got you interested in reading more about other nice words, you can find other great collections at Merriam-Webster or at Oxford Dictionary. Also, since I was the only one curating and editing this list of nice words, I had to depend on my personal sense of judgement and aesthetics. Unfortunately I am not the Head Wizard of All Nice Words Starting with E, so if you disagree with any of my choices in this list of nice words, please get in contact and let me know.

These nice words were inspired by and collected from my travels through different forms of media throughout my day – articles, books, song lyrics and websites (and sometimes lying around, forcing myself to think of words I like). In particular, websites like, Quora, Tumblr, Pinterest, Positive Words Research, Adjectives Starting and The Phrontistery were all very helpful. If you’ve got any other word sources that you’d like to share, or have suggestions for other nice words, leave a comment or send an email.While I do collect words, I am always careful to write the meanings myself, so if you find a definition here that looks a little too similar to another that you’ve seen, please let me know asap and I’ll work on updating my wording as quick as I can. Likewise, if you find any mistakes – meanings that require updating, definitions that need better punctuation or words that are incorrectly spelled, get in contact.

Thanks again for visiting our site, and as always, our very best wishes to you on your internet travels – call your pa if you can and remember to moisturise. <3


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