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We already know that nice generally refers to things that are positive, pleasant and constructive in definition, and can describe not only objects and environments, but also ideas, actions, concepts and people. Since it’s such a versatile word with a broad range of appropriate applications, each meaning and context of use has its own subtle shade of definition. Since we already have lists of nice adjectives, synonyms, rhymes and meanings, I thought it would be useful to categorise some lists a different way – by letter. I’ve tried to fill these lists with words that fulfil three criteria – sounds nice, has a nice meaning, and starts with J. I hope you find this list handy and maybe even brighten someone’s day with these nice words starting with J:

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at why you’d want to have a look at a list of nice words starting with J.

If you’re playing an online word game, you might find certain letters harder to work with than others. It may also help with your creative pursuits – whether you’re writing poetry, lyrics, stories, or articles, you might find yourself needing a specific vowel or letter.

Since J is a consonant, it’s less commonly used and can be both worth more points and harder to use. This makes it a more valuable letter in word games, and that’s where we can come in handy. J is the tenth letter in both the modern English alphabet and the basic Latin alphabet. It is used to make both “zh” (as in “raj”) and “dg” (as in “hedge”) sounds, so it’s a versatile letter to make nice words with. It’s been measured as the fourth least frequently used, being more popular only than the letters z, q and x – so it would be worth a lot of points in Words With Friends!

If this list has got you interested in other nice words starting with J and you’d like to have a deeper look at what our language has to offer, Dictionary.Com has plenty of categorised words to choose from. Aside from being generally helpful in everyday speech and use, these nice words can be great to use in creative expressions like stories and poems, or competitive endeavours like group games or spelling bees.

  • jade (n.) 1. a light green colour 2. a hard stone of varying shades of green.
  • jolly (adj.) cheerful, merry.
  • juicy (adj.) succulent or full of juice.
  • judicious (adj.) using good judgement.
  • jettison (v.) to eject or discard.
  • june (n.) the sixth month of the year.
  • jete (n.) a dance move which involves a springing jump from one foot to the other.
  • jot (v.) to write quickly and briefly.
  • jostle (v.) to push up against others
  • jellyfish (n.) a free-swimming marine lifeform.
  • jamboree (n.) a large party.
  • joyfully (adj.) with joy, with happiness.
  • janus (n.) the god of beginnings, which the month january is named after.
  • journey (n.) a venture from one place to another.
  • jungle (n.) an area of forest and wild vegetation.
  • juniper (n.) a small tree which bears cones that look like berries.
  • jessamy (adj.) a jasmine-like yellow
  • jiffy (n.) a very small unit of time
  • jnana (n.) knowledge and wisdom that is gained through meditation
  • jam (n.) 1. a conserve made largely from berries and sugar 2. an awkward situation 3. having something be stuck 4. to squeeze or pack things into a space.
  • jewel (n.) a precious gem
  • jingle (n.) 1. a gentle ringing noise 2. a short piece of music or verse, usually used in advertising.
  • juno (n.) an alternate name for hera.
  • jupiter (n.) 1. a planet in our solar system, known for its storms and big red spot 2. an alternate name for thor.
  • julep (n.) a sweetened drink that is also often medicated
  • jasmine (n.) a sweet-smelling flower.
  • jonquil (n.) a type of narcissus flower with small yellow flowers.
  • jojoba (n.) an oil which is collected from a seed. usually for cosmetic use.
  • jebel (n.) a hill or mountain
  • jubilant (adj.) ecstatic, triumphant.

These nice words were inspired by and collected from my travels through different forms of media throughout my day – articles, books, song lyrics and websites (and sometimes lying around, forcing myself to think of words I like). In particular, websites like, Quora, Tumblr, Pinterest, Positive Words Research, Adjectives Starting and The Phrontistery were all very helpful. If you’ve got any other word sources that you’d like to share, or have suggestions for other nice words, leave a comment or send an email. While I do collect words, I am always careful to write the meanings myself, so if you find a definition here that looks a little too similar to another that you’ve seen, please let me know asap and I’ll work on updating my wording as quick as I can. Likewise, if you find any mistakes – meanings that require updating, definitions that need better punctuation or words that are incorrectly spelled, get in contact.

I hope you found this list of nice words beginning with J a useful read. Compiling this list was interesting and educational, and of course there were plenty of nice words that unfortunately couldn’t quite make the cut – so if reading this list of nice words starting with J has got you interested in reading more about other nice words, you can find other great collections at
Oxford Dictionary or at Merriam-Webster. Also, since I was the only one curating and editing this list of nice words, I had to depend on my personal sense of judgement and aesthetics. I have still not been appointed the title of Master of All Letter-Related Aesthetics, so if you disagree with any of my choices in this list of nice words, please get in contact and let me know!

Thanks again for visiting our site, and as always, our very best wishes to you on your internet travels. Remember to stretch and rest your eyes every 20 minutes. <3

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