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Hello and welcome to our list of words that sound nice!

For this list, I wanted to try and cover words with not only nice meanings, but also those with nice sounds. We already know that nice meanings generally refers to words that are positive, pleasant and constructive in definition, and can describe not only objects and environments, but also ideas, actions, concepts and people. Since it’s such a versatile word with a broad range of appropriate applications, each meaning and context of use has its own subtle shade of definition. But what about nice sounds? This covers things that enhance the experience of hearing or saying the word – things like alliteration, assonance, diction, pronunciation. This list is filled with soft “f’s”, trilled and rolling syllables (like those found in the French-derived word “carillon”), crisp “t’s” and delicate sounds (like the “t” and “k” in tinker). These are all satisfying to pronounce and to hear, and we hope you enjoy going through this list:

So before we get into it, what is a nice sound anyway? It’s a subjective idea used to describe syllables, sounds, types of pronunciation, and pauses that give us sensory pleasure and satisfaction to hear and/or say. We tend to like soft sounds, crisp sounds, and a mix of the two. Words that are guttural or seem short and blunt don’t seem to attract as much positive attention. We also tend to like words that lend nice visuals – for example, a word like “sprinkling” has a better sensory experience than a word like “front”. This means that nice words with a more varied positive sensory experience tend to sound better or more attractive than other nice words. Quite basically and universally, we can understand “nice” as meaning something that is pleasant and enjoyable, something that gives satisfaction upon experiencing it, and this applies to meaning as well as sound. If you’re particularly interested in the different facets of nice-sounding words, Dictionary.Com has some clear definitions and interesting discussions.Along with being a great addition to your vocabulary, these nice words can be very useful to use in explanations, stories, and poems. They’re expressive and explanatory and they sound great, making anything you’re working on a more attractive and enjoyable read.

  • softly (adj.) at a low volume, or with gentle impact.
  • feather (n.) the flat, thin growths that form a bird’s plumage.
  • carillon (n.) a set of bells that are played using a keyboard or similar.
  • vignette (n.) a short yet evocative description; a small illustration or photograph with an effect of fading or bleeding into the background in lieu of a border.
  • whisk (v.) to mix vigorously and efficiently.
  • golden (adj.) of the colour gold.
  • linger (v.) to briefly remain, to stay a short while longer.
  • comfort (v.) acknowledging and easing another’s pain or difficulties.
  • fluffy (adj.) a light, soft texture.
  • zest (n.) energy and bounce.
  • smooth (adj.) minimal friction, of an even and level surface.
  • crisp (adj.) firm yet brittle.
  • hazel (n.) a greenish-brown, usually used in reference to a person’s eye colour.
  • fragrant (adj.) emitting a pleasant and full-bodied scent.
  • spicy (adj.) flavoured with spices.
  • wreath (n.) a circular floral arrangement that is usually used in formal settings or certain celebrations.
  • cherish (v.) to love and appreciate dearly.
  • festive (adj.) celebratory; or relating to festivals
  • velvet (n.) a soft material consisting of short, thick piles
  • float (v.) to be suspended or buoyant on the surface of a liquid or through gas.
  • lush (adj.) rich and very stimulating for the senses.
  • succulent (adj.) juicy and tender, usually used in reference to food.
  • wisp (n.) a thin, twisted tendril – usually used to describe intangible or near intangible substances.
  • willow (n.) a type of tree, typically with narrow leaves.
  • teak (n.) a hard, durable wood commonly used in shipbuilding and making furniture.
  • balmy (adj.) a mildly warm climate.
  • space (n.) the area in which all things exist and move.
  • mist (n.) a light, thin fog.
  • entwined (adj.) twisted and joined together.
  • bamboo (n.) a type of hollow, wooden grass
  • figment (n.) an imaginary thing that is believed to be real.
  • sigh (n.) expelling air; generally an expression of relief, tiredness or sadness.
  • flint (n.) a tough rock used in ancient times to make tools and weapons.
  • lighten (v.) lessening darkness.
  • winnow (v.) to remove  parts from a whole until only the desired elements are left.
  • crest (n.) the peak or apex.
  • sprinkling (n.) a light scattering.
  • apple (n.) a sweet, round fruit.
  • scuffling (v.) a short struggle, or to move in a shuffling, awkward way
  • tinker (v.) an attempt to mend or improve something; usually used to describe people who are fiddling about in a casual way
  • amble (v.) strolling along in a relaxed way.
  • cobble (v.) to roughly patch a whole together from whatever is available.
  • sheaf (n.) a bundle of objects of one kind (usually paper)
  • avocado (n.) a creamy, pear-shaped fruit with a rough, dark green skin and large circular pip.
  • shuffle (v.) to move slowly without fully lifting one’s feet
  • gambol (v) to run or jump playfully and joyfully
  • grove (n.) a small group a trees
  • lagoon (n.) a small lake or stretch of water which is separated from the sea.
I hope you found this list a worthwhile read. Making this list was a lot of fun and of course there were plenty of great words that unfortunately couldn’t quite make the cut – so if reading this list of words with nice sounds has got you interested in reading more about similar pretty words, you can find other great collections at The Phrontistery or at Positive Words Research. Also, since I was the only one curating and editing this list of nice words, I had to depend on my personal sense of judgement and aesthetics. Unfortunately I am not the High Priestess of all that sounds Nice and Good, so if you disagree with any of my choices in this list of words that sound nice, please get in contact and let me know.

These words with nice sounds were inspired by and collected from my travels through different forms of media throughout my day – articles, books, song lyrics and websites (and sometimes lying around, forcing myself to think of words I like). In particular, websites like Dictionary.com, Quora, Tumblr, Pinterest, Positive Words Research, Adjectives Starting and The Phrontistery were all very helpful. If you’ve got any other word sources that you’d like to share, or have suggestions for other nice words, leave a comment or send an email.

While I do collect words, I am always careful to write the meanings myself, so if you find a definition here that looks a little too similar to another that you’ve seen, please let me know asap and I’ll work on updating my wording as quick as I can. Likewise, if you find any mistakes – meanings that require updating, definitions that need better punctuation or words that are incorrectly spelled, get in contact.

Thanks again for visiting our site, and as always, our very best wishes to you on your internet travels – be safe, stay hydrated, don’t feed the (wildly numerous) trolls.

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